I am available to visit your school, library, and organizations for speaking engagements!
Available Programs include:
Writing and Illustrating Picture Books – Home in a Lunchbox   What is involved in creating a picture book? Let's dive into the  inspiration for my book, the process art, themes within the story, and its journey to publication. Q&A will follow after.
The Power of Pictures   I will read my picture book HOME IN A LUNCHBOX and explain how the story is told mainly through pictures with minimal words. A drawing demonstration follows after, and students can draw along and discover the power of image-making!
Social-Emotional Learning    Sharing from my own personal experience,  I will delve into my mental health journey and ways to navigate and resolve complicated emotions. Programs available for K-5, middle and high school.
Looking Within– Mental Health for Creatives     As creatives, we express what is within us! I strongly believe that great art comes from a healthy state of mind. Let's talk about how to avoid burnout and cultivate positivity. Appropriate for artists, writers, and any creatives.
Discovering the Asian-American Identity     How do we meld two drastically different cultures into one? I will share how this identity shaped me as an artist and writer. Appropriate for students and creatives.

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